SHIELD for E-commerce & Marketplaces

SHIELD provides e-commerce and marketplaces with decisions and intelligence in real-time, enabling you to eliminate fraud proactively, optimize marketing costs and strengthen brand reputation.

Industry Expertise

The rise of e-commerce created an open playing field for merchants by overcoming geographical limitations.
Nonetheless, e-commerce platforms have their own set of challenges. Reputation and security play a key role in the success of e-commerce platforms. However, customer trust is often a bigger issue online than it is offline. Online marketplaces are vulnerable to fraudsters creating fake listings and reviews to rip off customers and marketplaces.
This leads to negative customer experiences that have the potential to drive away valuable users permanently.

Protect your entire digital ecosystem from fraud

Bot Attacks

Account Fraud

Transaction & Loyalty Fraud

Credit Fraud

AML/CFT Violations


Our Intelligence. {BR} Your Decisions.


Always Ahead {BR}Of Fraud


Autonomous {BR} Bot Defense


Device-Based {BR} Credit Intelligence


Frictionless {BR} Identity Verification