SHIELD for E-wallets

SHIELD provides e-wallets with decisions and intelligence in real-time, enabling you to prioritise your growth, optimize marketing ROI and stay ahead of regulatory change.

Industry Expertise

E-wallets are revolutionizing digital payments by providing an accessible and streamlined way to transact for everyone.
Promotion campaigns such as referral and rebate programs are effective in driving adoption and acquiring market share. However, fraudsters can exploit these incentives by using automated tools to conduct attacks at high velocity and at scale. To make things worse, user-merchant collusion is even more difficult to detect and control.
These attacks drain growth investments and cause significant fraud losses for e-wallet platforms.

Protect your entire digital ecosystem from fraud

Bot Attacks

Account Fraud

Transaction & Loyalty Fraud

Credit Fraud

AML/CFT Violations


Our Intelligence. {BR} Your Decisions.


Always Ahead {BR}Of Fraud


Device-Based {BR} Credit Intelligence


Frictionless {BR} Identity Verification