Rebranding: A Letter from our Founder & CEO

To our valued customers and partners,

I am pleased to announce the rebranding of our organisation from CashShield to SHIELD.

As an organisation we pride ourselves on our ability to constantly adapt and change to meet our clients’ needs and it is that mindset that has led us to update the company’s brand and messaging to reflect this.

From our humble beginnings in 2008, we have grown to become a leader in cyber protection to enterprises across the globe, covering industries such as e-wallet, super apps, e-commerce, travel, retail and gaming. We were the first organisation to introduce a fully automated fraud solution and now profile more than 5 billion devices per year and over 500 million user accounts globally, leveraging over a decade of domain intelligence and AI to help companies block fraud in real-time.

Rebranding our organisation has been an exhaustive process involving industry and competitor analysis, team interviews, market positioning and insights from Gartner. Most importantly we wanted to capture the ‘true identity’ of our organisation and we believe nothing better represents our business and the solutions we deliver better than SHIELD.

Our messaging also goes deeper into our technology than ever before, with ‘Autonomous Risk Intelligence’ being at the forefront of our new identity. In these three words we capture our uniqueness in the marketplace as the only provider that delivers a truly autonomous instant risk decision in under 0.1 seconds. It is this advanced AI technology using real time pattern recognition that sets us apart and earned us the trust of customers such as Grab, OVO, Razer, and many more around the globe.

Today, we have launched our new website at where you can see this full extent of the change, as our messaging now truly reflects the technology and solutions we have in the market today.

You will see updates of our new visual identity, technology solutions and customer success stories over the coming months but for now here is a taste of what is to come.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Exciting times ahead as we enter a new era in Cyber Protection.

Justin Lie

CEO, Founder | SHIELD

Our Investors

“SHIELD has an army of battle tested A.I. sentries to predict and prevent fraud while guarding the entire digital ecosystem for any web commerce. Customers have seen fraud rates drop by an order of magnitude within weeks of deploying SHIELD’s global fraud intelligence engine.”

Tony Fadell, iPod inventor, iPhone co-inventor, Nest Founder and Future Shape Principal