BEHIND THE SHIELD: How the Platform Works

SHIELD is the world’s first autonomous risk intelligence platform delivering instant, actionable intelligence and decisions.

Based on AI and machine learning technology with over a decade of domain intelligence, the SHIELD platform detects patterns and micro changes in user behaviour in order to predict and prevent fraud before it happens.

Always learning and with zero human intervention required, SHIELD’s platform scales to meet demand enabling our customers to scale without risk.

BEHIND THE SHIELD: Our Technology at Work

Behind the SHIELD - Our Tech at Work

Customized Solution Delivered in Days

We work in partnership with your fraud and risk departments to deliver a customized solution that meets your needs.

While implementation times will vary based on customer requirements, we can normally integrate the SHIELD platform within days.

Connecting through a single API with a response in less than 0.1 seconds, our SaaS-based platform is simple to integrate and protects your business from the first moment it is switched on.

Cloud Agnostic, SaaS-Based Infrastructure that Meets Your Compliance Needs

SHIELD treats data with the highest level of care and abides by the strictest standards of compliance.

Our SaaS-based risk intelligence platform is set up in multiple countries and continents around the world, ensuring our customers can comply with relevant data sovereignty and compliance laws and regulations.

We are PCC-DSS Level 1 certified, GDPR compliant and no data is transited outside of restricted jurisdictions.