Uncover How SHIELD Works

Behind this constantly evolving digital world, fraudsters are moving faster than ever to monetize loopholes they can find in any organization.

Traditional predictive models rely on historical data, which means that fraud can only be managed after it occurs.

But at SHIELD, we understand that the occurrence of fraud comes from a manipulation of behaviour, which is why we work on identifying ‘patient zero’ – to eliminate fraud at its source.

Behind the SHIELD

Our Technology at Work

Ease of Implementation

Fraud prevention should not take up too much of your resources.

SHIELD makes it easy for your fraud and risk teams to partner with us. As a SaaS-based platform, we shield your customers’ journey and protect your entire ecosystem through one single API.

Cloud Infrastructure

SHIELD treats data with the highest level of care and abides by the strictest standard of compliance.

We have set up our SaaS-based intelligence platform in multiple countries and continents throughout the globe to ensure our customers can comply with any data sovereignty and compliance requirements that occur. This model ensures all of our valued customers can leverage the benefits of SHIELD’s global intelligence.