Company Profile:
Founded in 2014, Scalefast is a global eCommerce solution that simplifies eCommerce for inspirational brands to sell direct to consumers.

150+ employees



Relevant Fraud Pillars:
Account Takeover
Fake Registrations
Fraudulent Payment


“SHIELD helps us protect our clients’ eCommerce business from end-to-end: from the user account, to the payment. They provide the best anti-fraud solution that we have ever found on the market.”

Nicolas Stehle, CEO & Co-Founder, Scalefast

Scalefast is a global eCommerce solution that brings together a platform and a next-generation eCommerce infrastructure to allow brands to sell direct to consumers without the time, risk and exposure they would normally encounter. Scalefast’s new way of doing eCommerce enables brands to offer a superior shopping experience directly from their online store.

Detecting Fraud Without Compromising User Experience

Scalefast’s platform and infrastructure is used by high volume and high traffic brands such as Square Enix and L’oreal, allowing these brands to serve their consumers in over 240 countries and territories.

Working with such known brands requires Scalefast to source for a sound fraud protection system that can successfully detect fraud while providing a frictionless shopping experience for the consumers.

Ensuring that their clients’ eCommerce is rock solid is a top priority.

Shifting Towards Full Automation

For Scalefast, it was difficult to imagine having a fraud solution that was fully machine automated with no reliance on manual reviews.

A quick test having the SHIELD system process complex historical transactions proved that SHIELD was able to return decisions to identify fraudulent transactions more accurately than other solutions tested, and without penalizing genuine users.

SHIELD’s real-time decisions allowed Scalefast to grow an advantage by ensuring that their clients – especially digital goods clients – can provide instant fulfillment as part of the best shopping experience for consumers. Full automation also empowered the business to scale on demand effortlessly.